Groups using our church hall weekly/monthly.

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       Memory & Well-being friendly cafe.        ALL welcome.

Allan Church Community Hall.

            Every Monday 2.00pm till 3.45pm

 Dominoes, cards, jigsaws, musical bingo,  friendship and nibbles and tea/coffee!

Look forward to seeing you there.

We'll be there.......YOU be too!

Presbytery Events for your attention.

Check back regularly for any changes!

Bannockburn Buttercup Cafe  Monday  2pm til 3.45pm.

Dance class.  Monday 4.30pm

Line Dancing. Tuesday 7pm  See below

Rugby Tots. Thursday

Yoga class. Thursday 7pm   See below

Laura Gray School of Dance. Saturday 9am

 Charity Groups Light up Awareness

The Allan Church Bannockburn, during the month          of MAY will be lit up to support various Charity groups.
On 17th MAY the church was lit up
BLUE for  Nerve Tumour UK.

Local Community Events.

Allan Church Upcoming Events

Church social Events for our members and the community.

Here at the Allan we have a social team . It is organised by  members of our session and board.

They are responsible for co-opting other members of the church to help with any functions they have organised e.g. soup lunch after our church service on the last Sunday of the month,  the Senior members event, our afternoon summer tea event and our fayres throughout the year.

Everyone pulls together for these special days.

A lady contacted our church and asked us if we could help in any way to save hedgehogs, by giving you advice for your garden and puting up an "awwwe" picture.

Isn't he gorgeous?                                                                          They are an endangered species so let's help them.

Scottish Charity No.  SC002953

Regular user groups in Allan Church Community Hall.    See below

Allan Church Upcoming Events

Important Dates for your diary!!!

Here are some simple tips to help them.

1. Link your garden with a Hedgehog Highway. Hedgehogs travel between1-2 km a night searching for food and a mate. Leaving a small gap in your fence the size of a CD case will let hedgehogs through but be too small for pets. BHPT/PTES sell snazzy little recyclable Hedgehog Highway signs, for a few pounds. Ask your neighbours to do the same!

2. Create a wild corner in your garden so they can snuffle around for insects.

3. Tidy up netting and litter which can trap hedgehogs due to their spines. Even rubber bands dropped by the postie can become embedded in their skin, causing a slow, painful death.

4. Put out food and water. You can supplement their diet with wet dog or cat food (preferably not fish based). No bread, milk or mealworms, which are all extremely bad for them. For those who are into simple DIY you can make a feeding station to stop other animals having a free supper - details on the BHPS website/YouTube

5. Stop using chemicals especially slug pellets. Hedgehogs are a gardener’s best friend as they eat slugs as well as many other beasties which would otherwise be devouring your prize flowers and vegetables.