THE GNOME REPORT .(An extract from the church magazine!)

                 At this moment in time we are experiencing a ministerial vacancy.

Flower Rota  is available for all to help out with by donating for flowers one Sunday a year.       However, we need more people to donate to this.

It's a lovely way to help the church and perhaps to remind you of that special date in your life e.g. a Birthday, or an Anniversary, or remembering the life of a loved one or just for your love of your place of worship.

Flowers for a specific date cost £25.00 or a small donation  for the upkeep of floral displays in the church will help greatly.

If you would like to add your name to the rota then there is a calendar in the vestibule of the church , or speak with Margaret Baxter or call her on 01786  813281.  Many thanks or you can email her on

Margaret would greatly appreciate  help  with flower arranging, and she is very willing to train and advise any volunteers.

Coffee Club runs every Tuesday between the hours of 10a.m. til 11.30a.m.

It runs from September 10th til the end of June.

It is manned by 3 teams of volunteers who serve a variety of home baking and it is a great social occasion for members of the church as well as the local community.

If the advertising boards/banners are out - We are open!!      Come along and join us any time!!



Scottish Charity No.  SC002953



Sunday School is organised by Kirsty MacGowan.

Anyone wishing to attend church with their children are more than welcome.

You will be introduced to the teachers and invited to the large Allan hall, where the Sunday school meets just prior to the start of the church service. The children  then go into church, and exit for Sunday school approx 15minutes after the start of the service.

You (the parents) can go into Sunday school with your children for a few sessions if you wish, or the children can stay with you in church til they feel familiar with their surroundings. Whichever is best for both you and your children.

A creche is also available.

Come early and meet the teacher with the rest of the children.

The grounds  of the church are tended by a recently formed "Work Party" and they meet every Wednesday afternoon, to maintain the gardens (weather permitting), or to do any necessary maintenance within the church itself.

They are easy to identify by their nickname  "The Garden Gnomes"



The Social committee   organise various events throughout the year to fundraise for the church e.g. Fayres & coffee mornings. Please come along and support us!   Check our                                    or                                    for all events regularly. There is a yearly retired members event. 

Church Magazine is compiled by Janette Russell and Margaret Baxter, with contributions from members of the congregation. It is distributed by the elders of the session every 3 months -   a few weeks prior to communion.

Hello again fellow parishioners.

It’s that time again for a wee update on the goings on, maintenance wise, in our lovely Church, not that I’m biased or anything. I advised you in the June magazine about the work going on at the entrance to the Church and what was due to happen. Well I’m sure you’re all aware that the work is complete barring one or two small issues, which, by the time you are  reading this, will have been dealt with.  The bannisters have been varnished, the vestibule has been painted, new flooring laid, the stairs have been painted and the doors giving access to the Balcony area have been adjusted, and now close properly. One of the doors entering the Sanctuary was sticking on the new carpeted flooring, so was removed, planed and refitted. It now closes properly. Also, door wedges which were used to hold the doors open, would potentially have damaged the new flooring through time, so new door retainers have been fitted to hold them open when required. The only thing still to be arranged and addressed is any new lighting that would be required by the Board. The Gnomes are tooled up and ready if/when a decision is made.

Also, during the summer, the large windows of the large hall were replaced due to the wooden surrounds being rotten and crumbling, this was attended to by a specialist as it was too big a job for the Gnomes. However, some of the smaller windows of the large hall were found to be in a similar state. These were attended to by the Gnomes with the help of a joiner friend (at no extra cost to the Church). Thanks Joiner friend.

While all this work inside the Church was going on, the gardens were being planted with summer plants, grass being cut and weeding being done as required. The grass is still recovering from last year when, because of the long dry spell it got a bit burned. A fertiliser was spread this year and watered in, and the grass is looking better and the consensus is with time it will recover. The Gnomes will continue to monitor this and do whatever is deemed appropriate to return the grass to normal. I would remind you all that the Church has gardens to the rear of the building accessible via the emergency exit and they are attended to also, if you would like to go out the and have a wander then do feel free.

As always the Gnomes are looking for anybody who wishes to join us on a Wednesday  afternoon around 1PM, (female or male) then please come along. There is always something to do regardless of ability. Everyone has skills, we will find a use for yours.
Phil Jordan   (Junior Gnome).

P.S. The Garden Gnomes are as I said already 6 guys,  they are

Bob Millar (who also does a sterling job)

Douglas Savage (who is also head gardener and keeps us all right with the difference between weeds and plants  - (Phil especially).)

Colin Blair    (Assistant head gardener and property convener)

Robert Chalmers  (Always busy at the food bank prior to coming to join the Gnomes)

George Nicol   (Top man – I mean that literally, anything requiring going up a ladder, George gets it)

Lastly, yours truly 

Phil Jordan   (If it wasn’t for me, well, then there would only be 5 Gnomes)                                                                     

Our History
 The Allan Church (originally the Bannockburn Parish Church) was built in 1838 to the design of the architect John Henderson. At the time, the parish had a population of 3176 people, and local industries included carpet, shawl and tartan manufacture and coal mining.
In 1843 the church minister, Rev John Harper and some of his congregation left the Church of Scotland during The Disruption to become part of the Free Church of Scotland.

The Allan Church temporarily shut in 1853 due to low congregation numbers after The Disruption but reopened again in 1860 when congregation numbers started to rise again.
The doorway has an ogee curved lintel. Above this is a square tower with a stone spire flanked with pinnacles. The interior has a gallery running round three sides. The furnishings are oak with Gothic details

The Allan Church sits at the heart of Bannockburn. In 2013 we celebrated 175years of ministry at the church..

Current Organisation of the Allan Church.       We have a congregational roll of 260.               

If any member of the congregation requires transport assistance to church, coffee mornings or any other social event, then please let Janette Russell or Margaret Baxter know and something will be organised for you.

The Work Party