Gnome Report March 2022

Hello again my friends to the March presentation of the Church                                                        magazine. The Garden Gnomes are looking forward to getting to                                                                     move on with the kind of work that led to our work title, that is                                                                 working in the gardens. Springtime brings a lot of joy to us all, the                                                                  nights get lighter a bit later. The temperature gets a wee bit warmer,                                                      certainly the rain gets a bit warmer at any rate. At this time last year,                                                     we struggled to get plants and other necessary products for the gardens but as things are becoming more like pre pandemic, hopefully that won’t be the case this year. If we add in all you kind, generous folks who have donated plants and bulbs and indeed some money, which will all be put to good use going forward, we hope to keep the gardens looking good.

Over the winter months as well as keeping the gardens tidy where necessary, keeping an eye on the clothing bank and arranging for it to be emptied when required, which brings in some much-needed funds for the Church. Preparing the Sanctuary for the Christmas displays that were required and helping to clear it afterwards. Erecting the Stable that was built a few years ago and was displayed outside the Church for the first time this year, thanks to everyone who gave their time to arrange the displays in and around the stable, it was absolutely fantastic. Erecting and dressing the outside Christmas tree and we give thanks that the storms we experienced did no damage to the exterior displays.

PAT testing had to be arranged for all the portable electrical appliances, which essentially means anything with a plug. Electricians were booked and a Gnome present for this to be done. This is a chore that has to be done annually, at the same time the Lightning Conductor had to be visually inspected and a certificate provided stating it’s integrity. This was done at the same time as the PAT testing.

There is to be a major inspection of the Church property to be carried out by Presbytery in March which will require the property convener to be present with a whole host of files and documents Covering these things and more.

Going forward, as well as the gardens, the Gnomes will be inspecting the Cross prior to Easter to ensure it is looking as good as it can before it is erected. We will also be applying purple filters over the outside lights in support of International Epilepsy Awareness Day on the 26th of March. We will have done this for a couple of years now to show our support for this worthwhile Charity.

Regarding maintenance inside our lovely Church, we are waiting to hear from the company that carried out repairs to the walls at the bottom of the stairs. One side of the stair is showing recurrence of the original problem.

Once this has been rectified, the Gnomes will repaint the walls at that locus and on the walls going up/down the stairs where dampness has caused some damage. Also, on the actual stairs the tape that was used to display the one-way system has caused some damage, this will need to be re-painted as well.  The windows inside the Sanctuary particularly on the ground floor are showing signs of paint flaking, this will also need to be addressed.

All these things and probably many more that have slipped my mind will be dealt with, they are all the kind of things you would expect with a building circa 184 years young.

There is always room for more Garden Gnomes, if you join you too could                                                   have been at the Garden Gnome delayed Christmas lunch on Wednesday                                         the 16th February.

A nice meal with good company in a nice relaxing environment, who could ask for more.

Until the next report, Phil Jordan (Junior Gnome).



Here are some simple tips to help them.
Link your garden with a Hedgehog Highway. Hedgehogs travel between1-2 km a night searching for food and a mate. Leaving a small gap in your fence the size of a CD case will let hedgehogs through but be too small for pets. BHPT/PTES sell snazzy little recyclable Hedgehog Highway signs, for a few pounds. Ask your neighbours to do the same!

2 Create a wild corner in your garden so they can snuffle around for insects.

3. Tidy up netting and litter which can trap hedgehogs due to their spines. Even rubber bands dropped by the postie can become embedded in their skin, causing a slow, painful death.

4. Put out food and water. You can supplement their diet with wet dog or cat food (preferably not fish based). No bread, milk or mealworms, which are all extremely bad for them. For those who are into simple DIY you can make a feeding station to stop other animals having a free supper - details on the BHPS website/YouTube

5. Stop using chemicals especially slug pellets. Hedgehogs are a gardener’s best friend as they eat slugs as well as many other beasties which would otherwise be devouring your prize flowers and vegetables.




Hello,at this time of crisis for our environment,  I wondered if you could use the attached in your Church newsletter to help spread awareness about these now endangered animals & give them a chance of recovery in 2022 & beyond. Thanks for taking the time to read
Best wishes