Here are some simple tips to help them.
Link your garden with a Hedgehog Highway. Hedgehogs travel between1-2 km a night searching for food and a mate. Leaving a small gap in your fence the size of a CD case will let hedgehogs through but be too small for pets. BHPT/PTES sell snazzy little recyclable Hedgehog Highway signs, for a few pounds. Ask your neighbours to do the same!

2 Create a wild corner in your garden so they can snuffle around for insects.

3. Tidy up netting and litter which can trap hedgehogs due to their spines. Even rubber bands dropped by the postie can become embedded in their skin, causing a slow, painful death.

4. Put out food and water. You can supplement their diet with wet dog or cat food (preferably not fish based). No bread, milk or mealworms, which are all extremely bad for them. For those who are into simple DIY you can make a feeding station to stop other animals having a free supper - details on the BHPS website/YouTube

5. Stop using chemicals especially slug pellets. Hedgehogs are a gardener’s best friend as they eat slugs as well as many other beasties which would otherwise be devouring your prize flowers and vegetables.





Hello,at this time of crisis for our environment,  I wondered if you could use the attached in your Church newsletter to help spread awareness about these now endangered animals & give them a chance of recovery in 2022 & beyond. Thanks for taking the time to read
Best wishes


Gnome report December 2022

Hello again my friends, as you are reading this, winter is upon us                                                                      again, but the work of the Garden Gnomes goes on. Not so much in                                                                the Gardens at this time of year though there will be some things                                                        requiring attention. Some tidying up, winter bedding plants and                                                                      possibly some bulbs to be put in for the spring. Most of our attention                                                            will be inside the Church Buildings to keep them in as good a condition as we can.

On that note, a wee update on what has been going on. In the last report I informed you of a light bulb that was inoperable in the Chandelier closest to the Pulpit. That has now been changed and all working correctly. Whilst this procedure is fairly straight forward, some of you may be wondering how it is done. Well, the Chandelier is lowered by someone going up into the attic space above the Sanctuary. As the person in the attic space can’t hear the person in the Sanctuary shouting, we use our mobile phones to communicate so that the Chandelier is lowered to the correct working height and doesn’t end up on the floor. Simple, a bit of a performance but, simple.

As a result of damage done from the tape put on the floor on the stairs as we reopened from the Covid lockdowns. The stairs have now been repainted. A water leak on the roof above the left stairwell resulted in damage being done to the plasterwork on the ceiling, the plaster was pulled down, before it fell down on somebody, and was re-plastered by the gnomes. Prior to the stairs being painted, the walls and re-plastered ceiling were repainted, and the handrails re-varnished.

The cross has been re-varnished and will have been be put up for Remembrance, and red filters will have been put on the outside lights in support of the Poppy Scotland appeal, as we at the Allan have done for a number of years now.

The Gnomes will be helping with the preparations for the Christmas festival at the Allan Church, others will give more detailed information about this event so watch out for that. We will be erecting the Christmas tree in the Gardens and also erecting the Stable display, it’s not clear as I write this whether that will be outside again this year, or inside, but wherever it has to go, the Gnomes will put it there.

As usual there will be quite a lot of other things that the Gnomes are involved with, routine checks done by outside agencies on equipment that has to be arranged by the property convener. There are some chairs that are requiring to be repaired, Plywood was purchased, and those chairs will be repaired by the time you are reading this report. Many other things the Gnomes deal with as required, that go towards our beautiful Church remaining functional.

So, it just leaves me, on behalf of the Garden Gnomes, to wish you all, a very merry Christmas time and a happy and fruitful 2023.  

Senior Gnome.