Gnome Report June 2022

Hello again my good friends, here is a wee update as to what is going on in our Church maintenance wise.

The flaking paint that was referred to in the last magazine update                                                                   around the windows in the Sanctuary,  on the ground floor particularly,                               has been scraped off.                                                                                                                                                                             has ff. The damage was repaired by replastering, and our resident “Rembrandt” ( Robert), has repainted them. There are one or two areas still to be dealt with that are a wee bit more awkward to reach as I write this but progress is being made and they are looking good. Well done Robert.

Some of the more eagle eyed of you will have noticed the cloths positioned at the stain glass windows in the Sanctuary, they are there due to water ingress from these windows. This is being assessed to determine how this is happening and what can be done to stop it. Updates to follow regarding this.

In the vestibule you may remember, you were  informed  about the plaster at the foot of the stair, bubbling and blistering. This was repaired a few years ago by an outside contractor. Whatever the problem was, is recurring, we have managed to arrange for the contractor to return and carry out further remedial action. Hopefully for the last time. Once this has been completed, the stairwell walls will be repainted, along with the stairs themselves, to repair the damage done from the tape that was used during the restrictions placed on us, as a result of the pandemic.

Outside, the work in the gardens goes on as you would expect. A feed and weed type treatment was put on the lawns to improve the look and the growth of the grass. Dougie and Colin are sourcing summer plants to increase the bloom and colour in the front and the rear gardens.  These will be put in in due course. The Gardens are still looking very colourful right now with all the spring bulbs in bloom.

The cross was removed after the Easter services and was cleaned. It is still looking good and ready for its next outing in November, for Remembrance.

A request came into the Allan Church email address attached to the website; this request came from Nerve Tumours UK asking us to light up Blue in support of Neurofibromatosis  Awareness Day on the 17th of May. This is the first request for this charity we have received although we did light up purple on the 12th of May last year in support of Fibromyalgia Awareness Day which was well received in the Community at the time. The indications are that we will support both these charities in the way requested at the time of writing this report.

The boards that border the lawns in order to retain the slate gravel are rotten and the Gnomes are in the process of replacing them. Boards were purchased a few weeks ago and were treated with wood preserver prior to this work being carried out.

The gutters on the flat roof above the small hall were checked and cleaned, this has to be done fairly regularly to prevent a build-up of decaying leaves causing problems.

All these wee jobs as well as the usual cutting the grass, weeding, and checking the clothing bank to ensure all clothing is appropriately bagged and arrange for it to be emptied as needed. Our numbers are dropping but the tasks are not, so if you wish to join us, Wednesday afternoons around 1PM. We would be delighted to see you.

Colin Blair   (Senior Gnome)




Here are some simple tips to help them.
Link your garden with a Hedgehog Highway. Hedgehogs travel between1-2 km a night searching for food and a mate. Leaving a small gap in your fence the size of a CD case will let hedgehogs through but be too small for pets. BHPT/PTES sell snazzy little recyclable Hedgehog Highway signs, for a few pounds. Ask your neighbours to do the same!

2 Create a wild corner in your garden so they can snuffle around for insects.

3. Tidy up netting and litter which can trap hedgehogs due to their spines. Even rubber bands dropped by the postie can become embedded in their skin, causing a slow, painful death.

4. Put out food and water. You can supplement their diet with wet dog or cat food (preferably not fish based). No bread, milk or mealworms, which are all extremely bad for them. For those who are into simple DIY you can make a feeding station to stop other animals having a free supper - details on the BHPS website/YouTube

5. Stop using chemicals especially slug pellets. Hedgehogs are a gardener’s best friend as they eat slugs as well as many other beasties which would otherwise be devouring your prize flowers and vegetables.


Hello,at this time of crisis for our environment,  I wondered if you could use the attached in your Church newsletter to help spread awareness about these now endangered animals & give them a chance of recovery in 2022 & beyond. Thanks for taking the time to read
Best wishes