Scottish Charity No.  SC002953

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If you wish to contact her please call 01786 813281 or place a request in the prayer box in the vestibule of the church, or ask to speak with her in church.

Dear Lord,

As we begin another session with all the work that it  involves we ask that You will  fill us with enthusiasm to fulfil all the tasks undertaken here in  Your church.

We pray for the lunch club which runs once a month and we would ask Lord that as well as our regulars  you send along those in need. Those who would truly benefit from a tasty bite.

We pray for all who attend the Buttercup Café every Monday, here in our church hall.  A place that is full of laughter and love.  We thank you Lord for all who benefit from this meeting and for the dedicated volunteers who help to run it.

We pray for our Tuesday Coffee Club, a place where the community meet to enjoy a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.  A place for new friendships as well as old.  We thank you Lord for the fellowship shared and for all the coffee ladies who give of their time to bake and serve the goodies.

We pray for our Board and Session who work tirelessly away in the background,  each  with their own duties to fulfil.  We thank you Lord for our interim moderator who is guiding us through our vacancy.  A busy time lies ahead for us with special services for Harvest,  Remembrance and Christmas coming up,  we ask Lord that you encourage us to prepare for those services prayerfully.  We also ask Lord that every decision we make is done thoughtfully and to glorify your name.

We have been truly blessed over the spring and summer months with the delights of colourful blooms in our church gardens.  We thank you Lord for all the hard  work of the garden gnomes and we especially thank you Lord for the gift of your creation.

We thank you Lord that we are truly blessed with a wonderful congregation and we pray  that we continue to walk forward in faith and in hope until we are blessed with a new minister to continue to  lead us on our journey.

We ask this in the name of Your Son, Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.   


God Bless You All!

In the words of the hymn penned by Andrew J. Scobie (1935)

Look forward in faith all time is in God’s hand
Walk humbly with Him and trust His future plan
God has wisely led His people by His power.
Look forward in hope, He gives us each new hour.

Look forward in faith, the world is in God’s care.
His purpose of love He calls on us to share.
In our neighbour’s need the Lord  is present still.
He blesses the meek! The earth will know God’s will

Look forward in faith, God gives us life each day.

Go onward with Christ, His Spirit guides our way.
Now God lets us live within the sphere of grace.
Trust ever in Him, he rules o’er earth and space!

Bible Study and Prayer group in Allan Church hall 

2nd Thursday every month at 2pm.
Listen or take part, ask questions or just absorb the chat,                                                      all informal but with a cuppa. Look forward to seeing you.