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This page is managed by Margaret Baxter.

If you wish to contact her please place a request in the prayer box in the vestibule of the church, or ask to speak with her in church.

God Bless You All!

Bible Study and Prayer group in Allan Church hall 

2nd Thursday every month at 2pm.
Listen or take part, ask questions or just absorb the chat, all informal but with a cuppa.

Look forward to seeing you.

God Bless You All!

God’s blessings to each and every one of you. 

Until we can meet together again, stay safe.

God Bless You All!

God’s blessings to each and every one of you. 

Until we can meet together again, stay safe.

PRAYERS FOR THE MONTH January 2021.    Compiled this month by Margaret Baxter.

Dear Lord,

The year 2020 has now gone, it is probably the most strange and frightening year that most of us have known.  We have faced a worldwide pandemic that we never thought we would ever see, we have heard of thousands of deaths with many mourning the loss of loved ones.  Yes Lord we have witnessed great sadness,  heard  many heart breaking stories during the past year.  We have shed many tears  but we have also heard many uplifting stories of man’s humanity to man.  We have heard of great compassion and love shown all over the world.  People doing all sorts to raise funds with many  donating to all sorts of good causes,  people giving of their time to help those less fortunate than themselves.  Kind words and smiles, sadly often hidden behind masks but there, nonetheless. Love and caring by the bucketful.

We have witnessed governments striving to deal with something so outwith their normal, aided by scientists who too are struggling to understand this thing called covid.  No matter what harsh decisions they have made they have constantly been criticised for not doing enough, soon enough or for enforcing lockdowns when people didn’t want them. Dear Lord help people to understand that they are facing the unknown just as we are and are trying their best to keep us safe.

We pray for our NHS staff and carers  who have bravely carried on under such harrowing circumstances, sadly  risking their lives to tend those with the disease.

We pray for all key workers whatever their occupations who have worked away tirelessly to help us stay safe and fed.

We pray for all whose jobs and livelihoods are in danger, some already gone and we pray for those who are  struggling to keep their businesses going, with financial worries being such a heavy burden on them.

Sadly  as we step into a new year the epidemic has reached new heights with many thousands catching it on a daily basis, our NHS is becoming overwhelmed and at breaking point.  Be with them all Lord as they continue this difficult battle.

Give us all strength to face what lies ahead, we know Lord there is a glimmer of hope with the two vaccines that can now be used.  We ask Lord that those who are not abiding by the guidelines see that we  will not see an end to all this unless we all work together to stay safe.  If we do this and wait for the vaccine programme to reach all we will surely win the fight over this  awful pandemic.  Heavenly Father please give us the sense  and patience to see this through.

Lord we have just celebrated again the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Although we were not able to celebrate in the usual way we were still able to feel the joy and peace in our hearts at this special time.  We thank you for the gift of your Son. He continually  gives us great hope for the future, the hope of better things to come, the hope of an end to the corona virus.

As we step into 2021 Lord, we pray for all who are ill, physically or mentally, we pray for the lonely, we pray for those who are afraid, we pray for those desperate to see their families and give them a hug and Lord we place before you those who have been bereaved, hold them in your arms and comfort them.

Finally Lord, we pray for our friends, families and of course ourselves.  Guide us and walk with us so that we are constantly aware of the power of your great Love. Thank you for being our comfort and our strength.

Lord in your mercy hear our prayers.