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God Bless You All!

God Bless You All!

God’s blessings to each and every one of you. 

Until we can meet together again, stay safe.

God Bless You All!

Bible Study and Prayer group in Allan Church hall 

2nd Thursday every month at 2pm.
Listen or take part, ask questions or just absorb the chat, all informal but with a cuppa.

Look forward to seeing you.

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God’s blessings to each and every one of you. 

Until we can meet together again, stay safe.

PRAYER FOR THE MONTH  of June 2021.    Compiled by Margaret Baxter.

As I  sit down to prepare a prayer for the June web page,  the weather outside is cold windy and wet.  You might even be deceived into thinking that we were still in  the grips of winter and not approaching summer. Rather confusing isn’t it,  just like our lives have been over the last year and a bit.

We have learned what it has been like not to be able to see or visit loved ones, families have even been denied sitting with loved ones during their dying hours.   Many of us have lost friends and neighbours and been unable to attend their funerals due to number restrictions. Such sad and lonely times for many.

Our lives have been turned completely upside down and I am sure we would all agree it has not been easy.  We are slowly starting to ease back into some sort of normality but are worried that we may still face more lockdowns.  It is lovely to be able to join together for worship in the church although numbers are still limited. At present our coffee club cannot start back because we are restricted to 15 in the large hall, it will surely be a joyous day when it starts again and we can all enjoy a good natter.  It may be a bit longer until the Buttercup Café resumes because our members are all vulnerable and sadly quite a few have passed away since we last met.

You may say we are full of doom and gloom, but that is not so.  Although things have been difficult for us and many have suffered untold heartache, we all know that there is always one constant in our life and that is God our Father.  He has walked beside us throughout sharing in our sorrow and also in our joy.  We have so much to thank Him for and yes we can look forward in hope. Let us close our eyes and focus on the good times and happy times that we have witnessed and shared during the difficult times.

Heavenly Father,

We thank you for always being here for us,  for your grace, your mercy and your love.  You are our comforter and strength. We look forward in faith and hope to the times ahead.

We thank you Lord that we live in a relatively safe environment and can isolate when we need to,  we have a wonderful NHS who look after us when we need it.  Lord we pray for all those all over the world who are much less fortunate than ourselves and we lay them before you, especially those in India at this time.  Comfort and strengthen them and bring them hope for the future.

We thank  you that we are now able to worship together in church but Lord we also thank you for the online services that uplifted us during the long months of lockdown.  We thank you Lord for all the hard work behind the scenes to make this possible.

We thank you Lord that some of the Sunday School was able to join us on Sunday, albeit they were in the large hall,  but their presence again in the church buildings was joyous.

We thank you Lord for the hard work of our Session Clerk, Janette. Even though the church was closed for many months there was a lot of communications and zoom meetings going on in the background taking up many hours of her day.

We thank you Lord for Michael, our treasurer, who is keeping our finances on an even keel during a very long time with very little income.

We thank you Lord for our garden gnomes who have also been beavering away in the background.  They are poised to plant the summer bedding which will beautify our church grounds even more.

We thank you Lord for Lesley who has valiantly kept the website up to date and kept our local newspaper up to speed on everything that has been going on, not only at Bannockburn Allan but also at Cowie and Plean.

We thank you Lord for Fiona, who has kept the church clean and safe for us during this pandemic.

We thank you for Kirsty and the Sunday School teachers who have kept the Sunday School going online during lockdown.

We thank you for everyone who works constantly to further your work here at Bannockburn Allan either manually or spiritually through  prayer.

We thank you Lord for our locum Ken, we have been truly blessed by his presence.  He has lifted us spiritually every week with his enlightening services and is always gently there in the background to help and guide us.

We thank you Lord for our vacancy committee, led by Anne, whose work has now come to fruition .  We thank you Lord for giving us all patience to await the , for want of a better expression, the right man for the job.  We are looking forward to the induction of the Rev. Peter Gill and we thank you for touching his heart so that he answered your call.  We cannot wait to welcome Peter and his wife and family into the manse and look forward to stepping forward in faith with them.  Bless them all as they work for your kingdom.

Lord we have so much to thank you for, both in our church lives and personal lives .  We are truly blessed to know you and to be loved by you. 

Father we are looking forward to getting some kind of normality back into all our lives as we step forward in anticipation and faith on our ongoing journey with you.



So folks, our glasses aren’t half empty they are half full.  We have so much to be thankful for .   Although the church buildings have been empty during lots of the past year our hearts and love for our Saviour have not.                       PRAISE BE TO GOD

Love and blessings to you all,  I am sending a virtual hug.