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Bible Study and Prayer group.

Allan Church hall.

Future dates TBC
Listen or take part, ask questions

or just absorb the chat, all informal but with a cuppa.
Look forward to seeing you.

Service Times


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Stirling Start Up is helped by 2-3 volunteer members of our congregation and we have an

intimation every week to remind the congregation, all of whom give generously to the cause.


Scottish Charity No.  SC002953

Look at our EVENTS page today.

Board and Session Members

Allan Church also supports Mary's Meals every year. This year we have  already collected towards their cause.

Allan Church Missionary Statement

“To be God’s Missionary Church in Bannockburn, to welcome all people and to provide for their Spiritual Care”.

Please remember the Flower Rota!
Small donation accepted for floral displays in church  and vestibule, or donations of £25 for specific date or memorable occasion.

What's on this month!

Food Bank donations are even more important now and there are still 2 ways to donate IF you are currently able:

A financial donation https://startupstirling.org.uk/  


At the designated trolley in

supermarkets when doing

essential shopping.

Board and Session Members

The Bannockburn Allan supports

Start Up Stirling Food crisis Centre.

They regularly require:

UHT milk

Ready meals

Kitchen towel rolls

Toilet rolls

Tinned vegetables esp Potatoes

Cereal bars and breakfast cereal                                                                                  

Scottish Charity No.  SC002953

Sunday 20th September service

For all future month by month events


If any member of the congregation requires transport

assistance to


coffee mornings

or any church

social event, then

please let Janette Russell or Margaret Baxter know and something will be organised for you.


Comes from worshipping at the Allan Church.

About our church

We are currently in vacancy

 Prayer Sept 2020 compiled by Philip Jordan

Lord, our ever loving, giving and forgiving Father. That we are living through very anxious, trying times is apparent to us all. We listen to the news hoping things are improving. Hoping we will hear word that a vaccine has been proven to be effective. That we can all return to the life we were comfortable with. That we can see, even hug, family and close friends again. Lord, when we worry about our own small worlds, those we can’t see, friends and family we can see, but are not allowed to touch. Help us to remember those who have lost family or friends as a result of all that is happening now. Help them Lord, to come to terms with their loss and realisation that they won’t be able to hug their loved ones again. Give them the love and comfort that only you can give. Lord we hope, we sincerely hope that all those gifted scientists are successful in their endeavours. Lord we hope, we sincerely hope that our Governments both in Scotland and the U.K. and indeed, around the world,  have the capacity to recognise what needs to be done and the ability to carry it out for all of us. We hope for all these things and as individuals probably many other things as well, but Lord, we PRAY. We pray that you give us the comfort to live our lives in the best way we can. Lord, we are hoping for many things but only you can give us hope, only you can give us comfort and for this Lord, we pray.      


Community Craft Club

This club has been discontinued meantime due to a lack of interest.

Watch this space for further updates 

We are currently holding          special prayer time at the beginning of our services      to pray  a new minister

will be with us soon.

The Gift of a Smile

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picture for his

You Tube Channel

 2020 weekly/monthly events.

Board and Session

meet 2nd Wednesday

of every month at 7.00p.m

Next meeting TBC.

All elders and board members are encouraged to attend to discuss church business.

For more information

We are currently in vacancy.

We would love to hear from you.

If you are interested  please

get in touch with us through

our Profile page.

Welcome from the Allan Church session and board members.
We have  re-opened our doors for Sunday service at 11.15am. 

Sunday 20th September Service will be conducted by Rev. Ken Russell.

The services will be shorter than usual because we are unable to sing hymns or recite prayers together. This is in light of the guidelines from Scottish Government and Church of Scotland.

There is a one-way system in church and you will be guided to a seat, which most likely will not be the seat you are used to sitting in, but you will be kept socially distanced and as safe as possible.

We are limited to numbers in the Church, but the large hall will also be available as an overflow facility to hear/see the Service.

There are the customary hand sanitisers throughout the church and masks will be available if you forget your own.
Please note that you use this building at your own risk.
If you feel unwell on the day or before please  DO NOT ATTEND  for both your own protection and others.
If you do not feel comfortable attending church please remember the service is still available on-line as it is at the moment (see below) or there is still a recorded short message for the congregation and the community which you can access via your home phone.             Dial number 01786 641089.
There will be a new message every week for you to listen to.

Our service is presented on powerpoint to assist the congregation. Hymn books and pew bibles are still available.

Communion Dates

Sunday school commences after the  "All Age Address" part of our service.

A creche isalso available for young children  at this time

(and parents if they wish) .

Shortened version of todays service

If you know of anyone who has no access

to the internet and know they would like to listen to  the minister, you can let them know he has recorded a short message for the congregation which can be accessed free via a home phone.                                   

Starting  date 17th May        Call  01786 641089.
There will be a new message every week for you to listen to.



Monthly Community Lunch Club.

Monday  Future date TBC

12pm til 1.30pm

Homemade soup, filled roll with tea or coffee and biscuits for £2.50

All members of the community welcome, particularly the elderly and those who live alone. Bring friends but most of all enjoy lunch with new friends.


We have subscribed to a company called Easy Fundraiser, which helps us with fundraising at no extra cost to yourselves, apart from what you would be buying anyway. Please help support us too, by just cutting and pasting the link below into your browser, pick the Allan Church Bannockburn as your chosen cause, then place your order

We thank you in anticipation of

your support.

TuesdayCoffee morning in Allan Hall

10.00 till 11.30am

Future dates to be confirmed

Homebaking.All welcome

- a great social occasion!

If you can volunteer to help at the Tuesday coffee mornings then pop along on a Tuesday and speak to the team members on duty or contact Margaret Tough – rota is 3 weekly.