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Lord God,
We ask you to hold the people of Ukraine deep in your heart.
Protect them, we pray;
from violence, from political gamesmanship,
from being used and abused.

Give, we pray, the nations of the world the courage
and the wisdom to stand up for justice
and the courage too, to dare to care―generously.

Lord, in your mercy, take from us all the tendencies in us
that seek to lord it over others:
take from us those traits that see us pursuing our own needs and wants before those of others.

Teach us how to live in love and dignity
and respect―following your example.
In your name and for your sake,

―Issued by Lord Wallace, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and the Very Rev. Dr. Susan Brown, convener of the Faith Impact Forum, Church of Scotland.

Scottish Charity No.  SC002953

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Board and Session Members

Hymn books and pew bibles      are available when the digital hymnary is being used .

If anyone can help out with this on a Sunday,  please contact us via our email address and someone will get back to you, or ask someone when you are at a service.  Thank you.

​When volunteers are available our service is presented on PowerPoint and screens to assist the congregation.  

Sunday school commences after the  "All Age Address" part of our service. Approximately 10 minutes after the start of service, except on Communion morning.

A creche is  also available for any younger children at this time..

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If you are looking to hire a hall for  a birthday party or something similar then look no further.

We also let for regular weekly class events e.g. slimming classes, dance schools etc.

The hall is well equiped with a powerful sound system and projector system for films etc.

It is an accessible area with disabled toilet and baby changing facilities.

Community groups are £10 /hour.

Commercial groups pay £15/hour.

If you are interested please email :

Tuesday Coffee Club. 

4th April 2023.

10am till 11.30am.                    Please come and join us.

We look forward to seeing you all

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bring your donations to church

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Sunday 2nd April  -  Plean Church Palm

                                             Sunday 6.30pm

Monday 3rd April  -  Allan Church 7.00pm

Tuesday 4th April-Ladywell Church 

Wednesday 5th April-Allan Church 7.00pm

Thursday 6th April   -   Ladywell Church 

                                                  Communion 7.00pm

Friday 7th April   -   Allan Church 7.00pm

Board and Session Members

If any member of the congregation requires    assistance to church,

coffee mornings,

or any church social event then

please let a member of church know and something will be done to assist you.

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Allan Church Missionary Statement.

"To be God's Missionary Church in Bannockburn, to welcome all people and to provide for their Spiritual Care"

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The Gift of a Smile

the Allan Church,


2nd April at 11.15am 

​Palm Sunday Service

will be led by

Allan Church Worship Team.

Dear Lord,

We come to you with prayers for the poor people in Turkey and Syria.  We cannot begin to imagine the pain and despair they are suffering at this terrible time. The earthquake has brought death to tens of thousands leaving husbands and wives ,  brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, grandparents and orphaned children bereft and broken hearted.  We ask Lord that you would help them, bring comfort and healing to their troubled souls.  For many the homes where they felt safest have now become their tombs. We thank you Lord for the miracle of life for those dug out of the rubble alive but we ask too that you give them strength to face a life that will never be the same again.

We pray for the rescue workers, searching now, sadly for the bodies of those buried many feet below the rubble.  Some of those searching Lord being family members or neighbours. Dear Lord,  bless them all.

We pray for the worldwide aid that is being sent and we thank you Lord that it is not only large organisations but individuals and groups who have stepped forward to help. We ask Lord that all the supplies reach those who are in dire need, quickly.  We pray Lord that those supply routes are not blocked,  especially in war torn Syria.

We ask Lord that you wrap your loving arms around each and every one caught up in this horrendous earthquake.  As they wake up to new days cold and hungry may they feel the love of the world surrounding them.  May they find nourishment and shelter soon and Lord may your great love for them bring them a small glimmer of hope for the future.


Lovely members of our Allan Church worship team being presented with their certificates on 5th May 2022.