We are now in the holiday season and everyone is enjoying a well earned rest. For those of you getting away for a wee break, enjoy.
All our usual meetings and coffee mornings etc have stopped until September. All our hall users are also on holiday apart from the Buttercup Café. The Community Memory and Wellbeing Café runs every Monday afternoon, all year, in the Allan Church Hall. Please pray for all our guests who come along week by week to enjoy this time together, doing crafts, playing games, drinking tea and eating cakes. Please also pray for our volunteers who love coming along just as much as our guests do.

Thank the Lord for-

 All the visiting ministers who have led us in worship and continue to do so.

Our pastoral care team

Having such a beautiful place to worship

All the laughter we share in our Church buildings

The friendship and fellowship we share

The smiles of the children in our Sunday School

Our Sunday School teachers

For our treasurer and all who keep our finances in order

Our garden gnomes (who look after our gardens and the fabric of the church)

Our Kirk Session and Congregational Board

All the organisations who use our halls

For our Hall Keeper and all who help in the setting up for events.

For our cleaner

For our social team

For our technical team who enhance our worship

For our faithful congregation

Feed your faith, and your doubts will starve to death.

When we do what we can, God will do what we can’t.

God still speaks to those who take time to listen.


This page is managed by Margaret Baxter.

If you wish to contact her please call 01786 813281 or place a request in the prayer box in the vestibule of the church, or ask to speak with her in church.

Bible Study and Prayer group in Allan Church hall 

2nd Thursday every month at 2pm.
Listen or take part, ask questions or just absorb the chat,                                                      all informal but with a cuppa. Look forward to seeing you.

We have much to thank the Lord for, for all that is mentioned above and all the little unseen jobs that are too many to mention. Thank you Lord.  We continue to pray for a new minister to lead us on our faith journey but we should never forget that we have blessings in abundance.  Here at the Allan Church there are so many people working together to continue God’s work here in Bannockburn.  We are continually reach out in our Community to include all, we have links with the schools which are becoming stronger,  we give free use of our hall to The Buttercup Café ( A community and wellbeing café ), we open our doors every Tuesday for a community coffee morning and once a month for our Community Lunch.  We encourage other local groups to take part in large social events.  We welcome everyone who enters our doors with a great big smile and caring hearts. Forgive us Lord when we so often long for things that we don’t have and forget to be grateful for what we have.   Let us remember when we pray to God for a new minister not to forget to thank Him for all that He is doing for us, here in this place.  If you are a member here are at the Allan you are already part of all that is going on,  and all the good things we have managed to achieve during our vacancy.  If you are not a member why not come along and feel God’s love in beautiful surroundings and share in wonderful fellowship. 

We thank God for His Love,  His encouragement and His support.


Scottish Charity No.  SC002953

God Bless You All!