Coffee Morning Rota Teams

Ann Young

Sheena MacDonald

Joyce Spark

Kit McKay

Lesley Jordan

Margaret Baxter

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Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

Janette Elliott

Betty Paterson

Mary Strathearn

Morag Miller

Charlotte Gillespie

Ann Savage

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A Miller(L)                 A McInnes(L)           L Jordan(L)                J Elliott(L)                      A Young(L)

J Stevenson(D)       R Chalmers(D)       C Blair (D)                   F Buchanan(D)           R Miller(D)

W Bayne                     R Milne                       D Savage                    M Woolhead                G Nicol

A Fyfe                           M Baxter                   A Hall                            M Morrow                    M Miller

N Adam                       K McGowan            P Jordan                      R McMurray                 J McIntyre

J Lane                                                                   A Mcpherson            G Hall


Scottish Charity No.  SC002953

Margaret Tough

Margaret Taylor

Martha McIntosh

Mary Woollhead

Diane Hope

Janette Love


Welcome Teams 2018/19